Regional Key Funded Professional Development

The Regional Keys provide a wide variety of professional development opportunities to early childhood and school-age professionals on topics such as child development, assessment, and family engagement at a subsidized cost, through the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL). Regional Key funded professional development courses are designed in consideration of research about child development, best practices in early childhood pedagogy, PA Early Learning Standards, Keystone STARS standards, and PA DHS Licensing requirements. Click here for the Office of Child Development and Early Learning Regions (Bureau of Certification).

All professional development offered by the Regional Keys and its partners is posted to the PA Keys Online PD Registry at To review course descriptions and to register for Regional Key funded professional development, log onto the PA Keys PD registry. You can refine listing by topic, event identifier and/or location.

· For a tip sheet on how to find the PD Registry click here.

· For a tip sheet on how to find courses in the PD Registry click here.

· For a tip sheet on how to register for a course in the PD Registry click here.

 For other questions about Regional Key funded Professional Development, please click on the links below for each Regional Key or visit the website for the Pennsylvania Key.

There are five regional keys in Pennsylvania. Click here for the current regional key map.

Northeast Regional Key

Northwest Regional Key

Mid-State Regional Key

Southeast Regional Key

Southwest Regional Key